The future of farming.
In 2007, Winsol completed the construction of its first "vertical farming" photovoltaic greenhouse. With the help of energy generated by the sun, the entire greenhouse can be managed in a climate-neutral manner. This means that a crop loss can be counteracted by increasingly frequent extreme weather conditions, making the greenhouse independent of weather conditions.

Our greenhouses combine traditional agriculture with new technologies. With the help of special LED technology it is possible to imitate nature such as daylight, night light and clouds, and in winter, for example, typical summer fruits such as strawberries can be harvested.

Excess energy from photovoltaic systems can also be fed into the electricity grid. Natural ventilation, caused exclusively by differences in pressure inside and around the greenhouse, allows the temperature to be kept constant and regulated throughout the year.

The individual sensors determine data such as air humidity, pH value and water supply for each shelf, allowing nutrients to be supplied selectively for more efficient cultivation.
Our mission.
is to activate environmentally friendly farms whose energy is not derived from fossil fuels, but from nature and for nature.