Who we are.

"We’re a group of creative thinkers who have built a business to change the world for a better future."
Winsol was founded in 1997 as a company specialised in the photovoltaic sector. So far, Winsol has been able to establish itself in this field and carry out numerous projects. The company has not only focused on classic photovoltaic systems, but has also developed and developed innovative solutions. In 2007, Winsol built its first model of a photovoltaic greenhouse. Winsol's core competence is based on the design and implementation of renewable solar projects for international investors and local customers, with the aim of promoting the use of renewable energies and contributing to a clean future with our energy solutions.

Our mission is to provide our customers with environmentally friendly solutions that help reduce harmful emissions.
we have immitted over 23.800 MWh of green energy into the grid

Our projects.

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Our values.

By investing in renewable energies, we offer sustainable systems and take responsibility for the environment.
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Winsol has been responsible for photovoltaic systems since 1997.  Our team combines many years of experience of experts from different countries. This allows us to face challenges from different perspectives, allowing us to develop optimal solutions for our customers.
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Customer orientation.
Our goal is to develop the best solutions for our customers and to optimize processes so that all customers receive affordable and sustainable photovoltaic systems tailored to their needs.
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Team spirit.
Our success depends on the collective energy, intelligence and contribution of each of our team members.
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Through our reliable relationships with credit institutions, international development banks and local partners, we enable a carefree and meaningful investment.
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We devote our energies to the development of innovative solutions and the constant improvement of our knowledge and skills.